The first edition of the electronic version of the New Photo-Illustrated Bible (2009) was presented in its test version at www.sacralion.org (inactive previous edition of our web site).  Despite the fact that this public version included only the Gospel according to Matthew, it reached the first position among 20 top electronic Bibles.  After this, SACRALION Publishing House spent several years to format and process the biblical texts, so when they were placed at the web sites with thousands of photographic pictures their retrieval was not seriously impeded by the limited memory size, and the reading software (with its numerous supplementary functions) operated seamlessly.


In 2013, we have launched several new biblical sites:

www.fotobiblia.ru  (For Slavic languages)

www.photobibles.com  (For European, Asian and Middle Eastern Languages)


At this time, SACRALION Publishing House has prepared more than 100 biblical texts in 30 languages that are ready to be presented to the readers at internet sites.  SACRALION Publishing House works constantly on the expansion of the number of languages of available biblical texts and plans preparation of more than 500 versions of the Holy Bible in 200 languages in the next 2 years.

It is worth noting the novelty and uniqueness of the electronic version of the New Photo-Illustrated Bible that does not have any analogs among known biblical programs.  For the first time, reader of the Holy Bible can retrieve the photographic picture that not only corresponds to the highlighted text, but it also can be magnified zoomed in via electronic “magnifying glass”.  Considering a high quality of the restored photographs, the latter tool allows readers to distinguish some details of architecture, artifacts and life features of the past epoch.

Another very important component of the electronic New Photo-Illustrated Bible is its Atlas section, which contains a copy of the unique Atlas of the Historical Geography of the Holy Land by George Adam Smith, 1915, that was preserved in a limited number of copies and is still considered to be one of the most important sources of cartographic information.  SACRALION Publishing House plans digitalizing this Atlas in the near future, so its readers will be able to retrieve certain maps and map fragments, related to the certain historical epoch, geographic locations, sites, political and/or economic events, mentioned in the Bible.

Both printed and electronic versions of the New Photo-Illustrated Bible include a unique genealogy table of the Old Testament kings and characters that was developed by experts from SACRALION Publishing House.  It provides the Holy Bible readers with easy understanding of the Old Testament book materials at the expert level.

In order to broaden the popularity of the electron version of the New Photo-Illustrated Bible of Jerusalem, SACRALION Publishing House starts selling special gift cards among the Holy Land visitors, tourists and pilgrims in September 2015.  These cards contain an individual password for the unlimited access to all Photo-Bible resources as well as advertisement information about SACRALION Publishing House, its printed and electronic products and other aspects of our business in general and History Alive project in particular. To purchase/order the gift cards in your language, please email us at: bookstore@sacralion.us

SACRALION Publishing House plans to prepare and release a photo-bible software for mobile devices, such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc. for the future distribution via AppStore, Google Store and other internet resources in 2016.


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