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SACRALION Media Group (SMG) has been established in Israel in 2008,  The major product of SMG is an electronic versions of the religious literature and publications dedicated to the history of human society as well as origins and spread of the Christianity in the Middle East, issued by SACRALION Publishing House

At the beginning of its business, SACRALION Publishing House set up an ambitious goal to illustrate – for the first time in the history of bookmaking – the Holy Scripture with old photographs of the Holy Land, where the Savior walked in his human life.  Each picture should be linked in the best possible way to the corresponding biblical verse according to its content.  It was the first attempt ever to create a “documentary” Bible by illustrating it with the photographs taken in the second half XIX-th – early XX-th centuries, when the Holy Land still maintained the features of past history unaltered by the XX-th century urbanization.  For more information about our projects, please visit the website of SACRALION Publishing House www.sacralion.org.  You are also welcome to visit our galleries.


The first edition of the electronic version of the New Photo-Illustrated Bible (2009) was presented in its test version at www.sacralion.org (inactive previous edition of our web site).  Despite the fact that this public version included only the Gospel according to Matthew, it reached the first position among 20 top electronic Bibles.  After this, SMG spent several years to format and process the biblical texts, so when they were placed at the web sites with thousands of photographic pictures their retrieval was not seriously impeded by the limited memory size, and the reading software (with its numerous supplementary functions) operated seamlessly.

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